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Loved By Others

Thank you so much for letting Levi become a part of our family.  He is so loved by all of us and is an absolutely beautiful dog.  He is exactly what we wanted: smart, friendly, well-behaved, good-natured, devoted, and playful.     

It is so cute to see Levi run to greet our three boys when they get home from school each day and they look forward to seeing him more than us!  He plays very well with other dogs and is never aggressive.  In fact, Levi has had regular play dates with his litter mate, Duke, who is also a beautiful lab.  They have a ball together. 

We couldn't be more pleased and couldn't imagine life without Levi.  He is the perfect dog for us and makes us all so happy.  Thanks again!

The Knight Family

Hi Stacey-hope you're having a good summer! Just wanted to say hi and let you see our big boy!! He loves swimming,fetching,playing or just being with us and the kids all the time Cannot brag enough! Duke is everything we love and enjoy about labs and having him has brought so much joy - he's just PERFECT !!

5 years ago this day we got married and started a new life with new dreams. One of the dreams I always saw was a Labrador being a part of our lives. Steele has been a part of our lives for almost two years now and he has not only bonded with us but our extended family as well. He’s the first baby of the family and now he’s the perfect big brother for our daughter, Sanaya. The one quality that I would like to very specifically mention is his temperament.  We have a lot of friends that have labs and have always commended Steele’s temperament. When you mentioned to us that you breed for temperament we had no clue it would be this big a deal, but now I know what you mean.

If we ever have to get another dog, it would be from you and only you. Thanks for sending this beautiful blessing into our lives. Now my daughter gets to live the life that I always dreamt of, growing up with an amazing, loving four legged companion…Maithili

Cooper is doing fantastic!  He's so smart and easy to train.  Already doing very well with sit, stay, come, shake and starting to learn to heal while we're walking.  The leash you gave is is great.  Cooper is also very cuddly!  While I'm working, he lays under my desk and puts his head on my feet.  He also likes to lay right next to Gus and Remy.  He's doing a great job of keeping Gus young by playing with him throughout the day.  Gus just turned 9 in September so it is perfect timing.  We took him to the beach recently....he wasn't too sure about the water but eventually he'll get use to it.  He did LOVE to play with all the other dogs so that was fun to see.  We're so happy he's part of our family!!!   -Michelle

Thank you for picking out Radar for us.  He is a bright, friendly, smart puppy.  He has not met a person that her doesn't like.  He is not shy or overly aggressive.  He is a pleasure.

Sincerely yours, 
Gary & Sandy

Hi Stacey.  Sorry it took me so long to send you pictures.  Bear is doing fantastic.  He everything, and more, what we wanted.  He is sooooo good and the girls absolutely love him to death.  All Bear wants to do is to be with them.  Whenever the girls are in the game room with the door shut, Bear lays by the door until they come out.  My only regret is that I didn't take home two of them!!!! I hope you guys are doing great.  I will keep in touch.  Thank you for everything.

Maya is such a bundle of joy and is growing so fast! Currently at 14 weeks old, she is already over 30 lbs! She is just so cute that we can’t take her anywhere without being stopped by every person that sees her. Everyone just wants to play with her because she is so cuddly and loveable. Things are going great, her vet appointments have been going well, and she’s settling in very nicely with our two cats.  She has been attending puppy obedience classes and she already knows how to sit, lie down, stay, shake...and we’re currently working on roll over! She’s very smart and sooo good!  Thanks again for our sweet baby girl. And Stacey, you were absolutely right- she IS everything we’ve ever wanted....and more. She is absolutely perfect and have made us very very happy. We’ll keep in touch and continue to keep you posted with pictures. 

Tracy and Jeff

I hope this email find you doing well, I thought I would give you an update on our boy. We named him Hudson, and he’s doing great! He is just growing as fast as possible and is becoming such a handsome boy! He absolutely loves the water, and yesterday we really worked with him actually retrieving in the water for the first time. I can’t thank you both enough for Hudson, he is so wonderful and we just love him so much. I hope everything is going well and I will keep on sending pictures, keep in touch!Charles

Thanks so much for our boys!  They are settling in well and haven’t yet met a stranger they did like or one who didn’t think they were adorable. Our first visit to the vet went wonderfully, although we weren’t sure the girls were going to let us have them back!  Lets just say we have a few lab lovers in that office!  I included a new picture from today, with Ivy’s boy Coal on the left.  The dark coats are much harder to photograph then the yellows, I’ll just need to keep practicing!

Thanks again!

Kerrie & Bill (with Bexar and Coal)

Just wanted to let y'all know that she is doing great.  We put her in her crate at night and she's done perfect.  

She is a champion!!! Thanks for raising a well mannered and beautiful dog!   This litter boy is full of joy!!!!

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