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Getting Ready For A Puppy

The time of your puppy’s arrival is near!   We do send every puppy with a few things (WHAT COMES WITH YOUR PUPPY)

Here are some things to do before your little one arrives: 

Identify a veterinarian to provide on-going medical care
Identify an emergency veterinarian (not all vets are open after hours)
Identify a doggie daycare, if needed (we do not recommend taking pups around other dogs until they are fully vaccinated)
Identify a reputable trainer and/or puppy class (we are happy to reach out to breeder friends across the state to help find one if you need help)

The initial veterinarian visit should occur as soon as possible after your puppy’s arrival.  


Hydrogen Peroxide (this can be used to induce vomiting if your puppy show swallow something)
Pepto Bysmol (liquid form)
Thermometer (regular temp for a dog is 101 to 102)
Needle-less Syringe
Ear Cleaner 
Nail Clipper (heavy duty) and styptic powder 
Toothbrush & Cleaner
Clorox or Lysol wipes
Water and food bowls (stainless steel bowls recommended)

Equipment and Supplies

Crate (the best crate to start with is the medium airline/plastic crate.  A big crate will be ineffective for crate training so you will need to start with the smaller one and then move to a bigger one later so don’t spent a lot of money on your puppy crate.)
Puppy Exercise Pen and/or Baby Gates
Collar with ID and Contact Number (a flat leather or nylon collar is best) An adjustable 12" is probably the correct size for a pup
Leash (4 or 6 feet long) We also love Flexi when they get a little bigger

Dog House  (we prefer puppies be house dogs but if they are to be left outside for any period of time they will need shelter)
Cleaner for urine neutralizing (Natures Miracle or Simple Solution)
Plastic bags/poop bags (grocery store bags work fine)

Brush (Labs don't love to be brushed but it will help to brush dead hair out when they begin to shed)


Treats, Food and Toys

Puppy Chew Toys:

  • Kong Puppy Toy

  • N-Bone Puppy Teething Ring Chicken Flavor

  • Nylabone Romp 'N Chomp Bone Dog Treat and Chew Toy

  • Nylabone Just For Puppies Ring Bone

  • Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

  • Tuffy's Ultimate Gear Ring


Interactive Toys for mental stimulation:

  • OurPets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy

  • Siensync Slow Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl

  • Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop Interactive Treat Dispenser

  • Interactive Dog Ball by FurryFido

  • StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

  • Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball Interactive Dog Toy

  • Interactive Dog Tug Toy

  • Interactive Dog Puzzle Cube

Fetch Toys (tennis balls work great)
Training Treats
Adjustable height water and food bowls (stainless steel recommended)
Puppy food (Royal Canine Medium Puppy is what we feed until they are about 3 months old and then we switch to Pro Plan Sport.   This is an all life stages food.   If you get one bag of Royal Canine it should get you to the point you can switch to the food of your choice.   Just make sure you feed a premium food.  

Rally the Family

Discussing the rules of the house with all family members should be done prior to bringing home the puppy. Make sure that everyone is consistent with the training and procedures. If the rules change daily or each family member has a different set of rules, the dogs ability to do what is right will become almost impossible.

Determine where will the puppy sleep (we highly recommend crate training for the safety of your puppy and do not recommend cloth beds until they are older.   Puppies can chew and swallow a piece and they will also potty on them until they are a bit older).   
Decide who, when and where the puppy will be fed (we recommend morning and evening)
Identify where the puppy's potty spot be (this will help training go fast and easy)
Determine the off limits area of the house for the puppy
Have a clear understanding on how to correct the puppy (Labs respond very well to treat training and praise)
Work with the children about proper handling and playing with a puppy
Get to know what things are toxic to dogs (big ones are chocolate, xylitol and tylenol but there are more)

Prepare the Home



If you have a fence, walk it and check to make sure that it does not have any gaps or holes where a puppy could crawl under
Secure all doors and gates
If you have high decks, make sure the puppy can not fall from the deck
Block stairs so puppy will not be able to run up and down them until he/she is big enough
Do a plant check to make sure none of your plants are toxic
Have a bucket or water container for your puppy to get a drink. Refresh water DAILY
Make sure that lawn care products are not toxic to the puppy
Make sure that cars do not have antifreeze leaking
Check garage for toxic products and move out of harms way


Remove items from end tables, coffee tables and eye level display shelves
Store remote controls in drawers or keep up high away from the puppy
Move litter box and cat food to an area where the puppy cannot get into it
Make power cords inaccessible, if possible
Block off stairs and rooms you don't want the puppy free access to
Secure all cleaning products away from the puppy
Move trash cans out of puppy’s reach

Feeding– We feed Pro Plan Sport 30/20. Your puppy will eat about 3 cups a day. Put one cup down in the morning, noon and evening (three meals). Whatever your puppy doesn’t eat in 15 minutes should be taken up – do not allow your puppy to graze. If you decide to change to a different puppy food please choose a quality food and make the change gradually to avoid your puppy getting an upset tummy. Learn more about Dog Food

Vaccinations – The AVMA recommends three boosters given 3-4 weeks apart. We will give your puppy the first vaccination at 6-7 weeks so you will need to get another booster at 9-10 weeks and one at 12-13. They will also need a rabies vaccination after 12 weeks.

All Greenstone puppies are sent home with a puppy kit full of additional information such as crate training, grooming, emergency first aid and lots more.

What Comes with Your Greenstone Puppy

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